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Not only a matter of taste: CBD coffee and its effect

CBD products have found many new fans over time. They all contain the cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from the female hemp plant, from which consumers hope for a promising effect. More relaxation, treatment of anxiety and other positive properties are mostly talked about in connection with medical hemp.

In free trade, exactly these above-mentioned effects are hardly or not at all mentioned in products where the CBD content is strongly weakened. This is due to the law: Traders are not allowed to mention these medicinal effects in their store, but only refer to the taste.

Nevertheless, there are numerous customer experiences that show these positive effects and clearly make a recommendation. Counselors and magazines also talk about the good side of hemp.

CBD items are on the rise, especially in Berlin, and continue to develop into everyday mainstream consumption. One half hopes for the positive effects that are rather found in medical hemp. The other half sees the CBD consumption from the industrial hemp rather like the negative drug consumption.

We think that this is a result of ignorance. Again and again the following questions arise:

  • Do CBD products make you high? - at least not in Germany, THC content of 0.2% has no psychoactive effects
  • What exactly is Cannbidiol CBD? - one of 113 cannabidiods from the hemp plant
  • What is the difference with THC? - also one of 113 cannabidiods from the hemp, but with "high" effect
  • What is the taste like in CBD Food products? - In pure form grassy, bitter
  • Why is it possible to purchase CBD products freely? - in short - no intoxicating effect, because THC value is maximum 0.2%
  • And why the demand for CBD coffee is coming - more in this post 😊

Disclaimer: All information in this post is of a non-medical nature. This means that we do not intend to provide medical advice in any way. The content presented here is for neutral information and general education purposes only. It does not constitute a recommendation or advertisement of any diagnostic method, treatment or drug described or mentioned. The text does not claim to be complete, nor can the timeliness, accuracy and balance of the information presented be guaranteed. Personal experiences and views are shared here.

As already described, there is a growing number of over-the-counter CBD products. From external application, such as creams and ointments, to ingestion, such as the classic - the CBD oil.

In the trade, CBD is obtained exclusively from industrial hemp. This has significantly less CBD and THC content, which is less of a concern from a legal perspective. Industrial hemp is mainly used for its strong fibers in the fabric and construction industry.

In the CBD world you can find the products mostly in

  • specialized CBD stores
  • Health and fitness stores,
  • Beauty and care stores
  • CBD Coffee Shops

These are the lifestyle stores mentioned above, all of which can legally sell CBD items (food and non-food) as long as the THC level does not exceed 0.2%.

To prevent consumers from formulating false ideas and hopes about the CBD product, the law states that a normal CBD dealer cannot advertise any medicinal effects.

Effect or no effect?

Disclaimer: The following information is based on our experience and from external information publications. Sources are indicated.

We, as well as other stores, are not allowed to mention any medical effects starting from the CBD product in our store and product pages. Only the taste, quality and natural benefits of the hemp plant may be mentioned as a selling point.

What these Advantages are actually, the retailer leaves it to the consumer's imagination. Even the reference to proven studies, without making specific Effects to mention serve as a selling point.

In many cases, the Trade magazines among other things about the following CBD effects:

  • can solve fears
  • can promote calming
  • can promote concentration
  • can promote appetite
  • can improve sleep or promote falling asleep
  • Can protect cells
  • leaves a grassy slightly bitter taste 😁

CBD oil - The basis for the taste

Consumers entering the CBD world tend to purchase the popular CBD oil. A pure natural product with up to 10% of CBD and, by law, up to 0.2 % of THC.

Since the latter is low, no psychoactive effect is caused. CBD oil has here therefore mainly a taste-giving and calming effect.

Taste and color

The cannabidiol oil is purely vegetable and has a grassy taste with a slight bitter note. Many manufacturers and suppliers therefore refine with additional sweeteners so that the oil sells better purely in terms of taste.

The trend remains towards more naturalness. The large CBD stores therefore only offer Full spectrum CBD oils an.

At this level of quality, the manufacturing process extracts everything from the pure hemp plant. The heat allows the CBD to form from its base form. This also means that other substances of the hemp are also included in the process. Among others also THC.

The color is usually golden brown and clear. It is typically like oil, thick. Since the product is highly sensitive to light and generally has a high value, it is stored in light-protected containers.

Application examples

In the over-the-counter market, niche health and fitness stores have focused on CBD products. Especially for the active life, which can be associated with stress, these retailers offer CBD as a solution.

In the food sector, customers promise themselves with the CBD products (often CBD oil), more relaxation, regeneration, concentration and endurance. Also against the general social depression is hoped for more positivity with the intake of CBD.

In many cases, these beneficial properties come with almost no significant side effects.

CBD Coffee

In purely culinary terms, CBD oil contributes to a more diverse nutty flavor. If you like it fresh and grassy, hemp oil (is not equal CBD oil) fits almost every recipe. For example, like olive oil to bread, salad or pastries.

Even the first coffee houses offer their CBD oil infused coffee for sale. In this case, several active ingredients then play on the body of the consumer. For the taste, the CBD oil brings the coffee much stronger character.

CBD coffee is an extended lifestyle product that can trigger a wide variety of physical effects depending on the dose. For us personally, CBD coffee is part of a productive day and helps us keep our concentration longer.

A shot of positivity is always welcome here. 😁

CBD Coffee - For good times

CBD coffee is an almost common stimulant by today's standards. It fits into the morning ritual before and during work. Its beneficial effects could lead to more productivity and zest for life in some.

Calms and keeps you positive

It is well known that coffee usually keeps us awake longer after a certain period of time.

If you mix this effect with that of CBD oil, depending on the dose, positive effects can occur in addition. In fact, it is probably like a magic drug with which you can consciously bring about states.

As always, exceptions prove the rule. CBD coffee is basically nothing more than a normal hot drink with additional flavor. For comparison, a normal latte macchiato with added extras such as caramel.

The mixture makes the difference

When high-quality coffee beans are flavored with a full-spectrum CBD oil, it elevates the quality and added value clearly an. All existing coffee aromas are intensified once again.

For Specialty coffee roaster thus opens up again several hundred new flavor directions. The initially grassy taste of pure CBD oil is no longer recognizable when preparing coffee. 

The CBD oil addition after roasting brings a completely new character to the coffee beans. Literally more strength and expression.

If, on the other hand, CBD oil is added after the finished coffee beverage, the CBD content is increased and, in turn, completely different nuances in aroma and taste are created.

A positive aftertaste

In essence, the hemp plant offers countless benefits for the human mechanism. It can be a stimulant, but also a remedy.

The question of how best to process and consume the green plant alone is crucial in developing its flavor and other positive effects.

For us, CBD oil is an exciting part of our coffee service. And when will you try CBD coffee?

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