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For your own brand Private label

Get your coffee in 3 steps

Using our Private Label Service, you will be able to produce up to several tons of freshly roasted nuts under your own brand and recipe.
Reeham provides you with an easy method to create your own Private Label coffee brand within a timeframe of 3 weeks.


Private Label Options

From the basic package to the all-in-one private labeling package (incl. coffee packaging according to your design). The standard delivery is in kraft paper bags.

Private Label Option mit Vorder- und Rücketikett


Black, white or natural base bags with aroma valve. The front and back of the pouch can be labeled with product information.

Reeham Coffee Kaffeebeutel in dreierlei Sorten

Plus without valve

A seamless design that includes your company's logo and product information on the front and back. It has an all-over print. No valve.

Private Label Option mit vollbedrucktem Beutel inkl. Ventil

Plus with valve

A seamless design that includes your company's logo and product information on the front and back. It has an all-over print. With valve.



Flexible purchase quantities from 125 kg are possible. The pricing is based on certain scales. Individual agreements can be made.

Private Label in kleinen Mengen für Einzelhändler


This is suitable for use as a reseller, for instance online or in retail.

Kaffeehersteller Säcke


As middleman and a reseller to the retail sector or other commercial establishments.

Private Labeling für die Gastronomie


As long term partner we can offer up special conditions made for cafés and restaurants.



Private label recipes, as per instructions or as agreed upon with existing Private Label recipes. Flexible handling of changes and extra requests.

Private Label Beutel Beispiel für B2B Kunden


Do you have a specific recipe or idea? Then let's create your product together.

Private Label Optionen - Auslieferung in Metalbehältern

Original Reeham

You can use Original Reeham Coffeeblends for your products. Good Coffee is Reeham Coffee.

Produktion in White Label

White label

We are happy to manufacture and package your products without the manufacturer's name. 

Your Benefits Trust & Quality

From planning to serving the coffee, everything is handled by hand. We take the greatest care to ensure that our Specialty Coffee has a harmonious aroma. Our team is here to help you choose the best option. You may visit and have a chat with us in Berlin. Or sign up directly in our B2B Portal to get started.

Extra Partner Benefits

According to our brand philosophy, we are committed to long-term partnerships. Because together you are more successful than alone.

Coffee machine

Discounted purchase terms of professional portafilter machines such as those from Mirage.


We are here to support you and to share news about coffee with you. We regularly publish tips and tricks for our e-magazine here.


It begins with the matching composition and goes all the way to the appropriate storage and brewing of the coffee. Everything you need to know about coffee.


Aside from machines, you will also receive special conditions from our suppliers of accessories. We have prepared a list of recommended partners for you.

No compromises

We consider coffee a form of art. As with any other art, it also requires passion, talent, and expertise. Our goal is to provide nothing less than these values.


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Hotels and Restaurants
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Get into Private Labeling

Learn more about the start of your own coffee brand and the first hurdles you will face in the big market. Written for our clients and all those interested.