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Made for B2B Coffee Wholesale

We roast specialty coffees according to individual wishes and desired quantities for restaurateurs, resellers, agencies and wholesalers.

Made in our own roastery Premium Coffee

You can register as our B2B customer and get exclusive benefits. We offer suitable packages and price advantages to the following customers:

Hotels and Restaurants

Coffee Service

We choose the best arabica and robusta beans from a wide variety of origins and combine their quality with our coffee expertise to produce a great coffee. We will consult with you, mix and match, and try different blends up until we find a solution that will work for you and your business. Whether you're a business owner or office employee of a large company, we design a tailored offer for you. Fresh coffee can be delivered to you and your colleagues every week.

We offer a complete range of coffee products as well as the appropriate machines from our partners. Reeham's team around our master roaster Maher is composed of seasoned coffee enthusiasts who are passionate about offering a unique solution.

We are committed to providing excellent customer service and believe this can lead to fruitful business partnerships. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, our Roastery offers everything you need.

Reeham Roastery Tasting

Visit us for a coffee tasting. From bean selection and composition, to a personal roasting experience and quality tasting in our roastery. Or come see us anytime at our flagship store / Café at any time.

Your own coffee

The success of our organization is closely tied to the success of the people with whom we cooperate. Many independent cafés and other gastronomic businesses were supported by us in the past.

Kaffeehersteller Säcke


In our company, we handle imports from the world's most popular coffee farms.

Kaffeetrommel mit Kaffeebohnen in der Reeham Rösterei


Professional roasting according to your qualitative taste.

Private Label Beutel Beispiel für B2B Kunden

Private labeling

Individually packaged in a variety of sizes to reflect your corporate style.

Become a B2B Member B2B Portal

Make your start in selling specialty coffee beans easy. With our B2B portal you get access to special conditions and can build your own brand in a short time.

Now available CBD Specialty Coffee

CBD is becoming increasingly popular among both individuals and businesses. A growing number of people are becoming aware of the health benefits of hemp. You too should try CBD coffee for various reasons, including the synergies with coffee for longer-lasting concentration.

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Hotels and Restaurants
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Learn more about the start of your own coffee brand and the first hurdles you will face in the big market. Also interesting for the individual trader.