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The sale of CBD coffee

We often encounter the same questions when it comes to our CBD coffee. Sometimes a positive and sometimes a negative question arises. In most cases, however, it is the ignorance that prevails. This clouds the general image of the natural hemp plant.

People who are closer to their matter know the advantages. In the free trade it is thereby the contained popular CBD. The acceptance of CBD products is increasing both among individuals and businesses thanks to the growing number of professional articles about CBD.

We also want to pick you up with this article and explain how CBD from the hemp plant can have positive effects on humans. We discuss the behavioral specifics that CBD in coffee evokes before, during, and after consumption.

One challenge here is to ensure a harmless high quality in order to get the best of both worlds.

We answer some of the most frequently asked questions about CBD coffee and try to objectively present the sales psychology behind the lifestyle product as best we can.

Let's go ☕️



We humans have infinite needs and have the urge to satisfy them with a product or service available in the market. The problem is that the market cannot always meet these needs.

Sometimes it does not fit in terms of function, feature or appearance. And sometimes the product is quantitatively not (more) available.

If we want to simplify the psychology of sales, both of the scenarios just mentioned already form fears in us. And that's where the professional salesperson sees his chance to win.

An example would be FOMO - The fear of missing out. 

The Pitch - So what makes CBD coffee so special?!

In terms of CBD products and specifically CBD coffee, we can assume that the majority expects a "high" effect. As we already mentioned in our other article have described, we must unfortunately dim this hope.

CBD coffee, when viewed from the customer's side, is a luxurious consumable that makes the alleged problems and anxieties fade away. Cannabidiol(CBD) is said to have almost magical powers that could work when ingested. Fear, as described above, is sometimes a very strong driver to decide things rashly emotionally.

The special thing is not usually the product, but rather the imagination of the prospective customer, who is literally blinded by the sales psychology of the supplier. It is the experience or the feeling that is bought and not the product.

As for some alcohol could be a short-term desperate solution, the image also imprints itself towards CBD. The subtle difference? That only the positive things occur and the side effects such as addiction are even unlikely. (Here exceptions confirm the rule).

Would you be willing to pay for that? Some are.

Society image - the bad image of CBD

Despite the partly not quite right idea, CBD enjoys a good reputation among its clientele. Experiences such as more concentration and more sedation with fewer side effects have actually been established and form a positive alliance against the negative voices.

The other side of society still sees CBD products as having the all-too-present evil effects of the cannabis plant. Images of drug addicts, behavioral disorders and even rehab are not necessarily qualitative product features.

But in many cases, an ignorance or even naivety plays the opinion-forming role of people.

Our view

We see ourselves as a neutral role and market the positive things that come to CBD with our coffee. We are quite convinced that we can offer an incomparable taste for our customers in the production of the special product.

Thanks to the CBD oil, in many respects the aromatic specialty coffee is amplified in a tremendous way. The calming effect, which occurs individually for everyone, is only a secondary matter for us.

Because even a normal coffee should relax and do good to the soul.

The tasting

Not many want sells and are somewhat hesitant, and some resistant, to new products and vendors.

Skepticism was also very high for CBD coffee at the beginning. So what could customers expect from CBD coffee? Above all, how does a CBD coffee taste and smell?

CBD coffee is a premium coffee with an enhanced aroma. It is characterized by the CBD and gives each coffee directly more level of aroma levels. A grassy taste or even smell is not heard when enjoying.

For the coffee effect and its negative effects by, for example, caffeine, you do not need to worry. CBD and caffeine positively influence each other.


Of course, no matter how you spin it, you can't do it justice for everyone. There will always be compromises. By trying to invent a new taste experience with CBD coffee, we think we are on the right track.

It is clear that this very product belongs to the luxury category and will also find favor among gourmets.

Nevertheless, regardless of CBD coffee recommend to try other CBD products and possibly discover a positive effect from this interesting world.

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