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Reeham Origin

  • Premium espresso
  • from India / Brasil / Mexico
  • 70% Arabica | 30% Robusta
  • exhibiting a choco taste with a spicy note and a full body
  • no bitterness
  • suitable for portafilter and all other machines

from 9,99

Base Price: 39,96 / kg

Delivery time: 7-8 days


Since 1988, we have been enjoying family espresso together every day. A rich and mellow chocolate flavor intertwined with a dark roast.

These espresso beans are an excellent choice for a breakfast coffee or for coffee moments served with cake among friends or family at the end of the day. The taste remains balanced with a mild roast aroma and a natural nutty note even for longer periods. You can highly enjoy this coffee without any added sugar.

Reeham Origin's full bodied characteristics remain their profile either hot or cold.

We promise to deliver excellent quality by using pesticide free coffee beans only.

Suitable for all kinds of coffee making methods such as portafilters and espresso makers.

Taste Profile

Why Premium?

Certified farm

We purchase only the finest coffee beans from certified farmers and set high standards.

Manual roasting

Hand-on control in conjunction with a quality management approach ensures a carefree joy.

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  • Avatar


    Not so attractive in price, but in taste... You have to have a good sense of taste to feel the difference
    Generally a good coffee

    21.February 2021
    Verified Purchase


  • Avatar


    Rounded taste

    A very strong coffee. Who is looking for something light, should choose another variety.

    November 14, 2020
    Verified Purchase


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