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Your own brand of coffee - B2B Roastery Service Guide Berlin

Every year, ambitious founders find themselves in the shoes of a coffee master and start selling freshly roasted coffee beans as their own brand. Some even venture into the restaurant business and call it their new (side) project.

The coffee market offers a solid basis for many. It is diverse and colorful in its selection. From cafés in the big city, to coffee beans in the supermarket, to the capsule machine at home. As a beginner, one quickly loses the overview between high quality and mass product, between complexity and lightness and between natural as well as flavored coffee beans.

To remedy this, we would like to share best practices in selecting the right coffees for private label in this B2B guide. It is built on the basis of our existing private label customers.

As a Berlin coffee roastery, we know that the art of a perfect coffee literally lies in the hands of the customer in the end. Nevertheless, we think that we can positively influence many factors in advance. Basically, the coffee beans, their blend and their roasting are responsible for the taste.

Become a Private Label Partner

We roast for you the right coffee for your café and your store. Come by for coffee or contact us. Flexible purchase quantities in premium quality.

As a Berlin coffee roastery, we know that the art of a perfect coffee literally lies in the hands of the customer in the end. Nevertheless, we think that we can positively influence many factors in advance. Basically, the coffee beans, their blend and their roasting are responsible for the taste.

To offer a private label, consider the following points of a roastery for partnership:

Last but not least, there are the interpersonal aspects on which a basis of trust can be based.

These factors can strongly influence the customer experience. A well-planned project process is therefore highly recommended by us. It all starts with the customer. He influences our decisions and thus the success of our actions.

Get to know the customer

Customer needs are diverse and pose major challenges to companies in every industry. It is difficult for us to predict their decisions and slow to gain their trust. But we can influence their buying behavior.

A new private label can start with a few words and end with a big advertising campaign. Furthermore, the value of the private label can be determined with the help of the product packaging. Customers love to compare products and especially prices. They ask themselves why they should necessarily choose the more expensive item, when the cheaper one hardly differs from the expensive one at first sight.

The most important thing, however, is the influence of family, friends and acquaintances.

Coffee habits of customers

Many Frahling lovers delight themselves every morning with a strong awakener, a mild connoisseur or yet a chocolaty cup of happiness. So there are plenty of entry routes into the coffee market where the Own brand total package counts.

In the following, the needs are enumerated considering variable points of view of the frahling lover. At the same time, we distinguish the different ways of making coffee at the customer:

  1. French Press
  2. Classic brewing the coffee in the coffee maker
  3. Coffee machine
  4. Capsule machine
  5. Portafilter machine

Very popular are the typical coffee capsules, which you simply insert into a coffee machine. You then get your flavored coffee at the touch of a button. A pure convenience - pleasant taste for little effort.

The enthusiasts among us go a step further and own a professional portafilter machine (also called portafilter), with which you are guaranteed a more mature taste thanks to the optimal conditions.

For Reeham, the focus is on natural and fresh coffee beans with aroma-intensive flavors. Like any other Specialty coffee roasting master, we also serve the discerning clientele. In this case, we have not paid any further attention to the capsule market in our strategy.

Shape the brand offer

Once a retailer has decided on one of the applications, we still recommend focusing on the broader audience in the short term. Unless the planned niche has been specifically researched and provides a solid figure regarding customer demand.

If this is given, nothing stands in the way of market entry and healthy growth despite an (unpopular) gap in the market.

Every entrepreneur / trader is free to design his product. Only some legal regulations must be followed. Beyond that, nothing stands in the way of the private label.

The only thing missing for the expected success is the right marketing of the product. A brief word here: don't fall too deeply into your own product infatuation. The risk that the customer would then fade into the background is too high.

In the end, the market still decides the offer, because if you do not find customers: There is no money. In summary, we suggest the following topics in product design:

  • Identify customer needs
  • Analyze and evaluate behavior patterns
  • Include personal entrepreneurial needs
  • Define and formulate own goals
  • Build corporate strategy
  • etc.

Disclaimer: This is only a rough illustration. All information is without guarantee. A minimum understanding of strategic business management (e.g. business administration) should be available as a basis.

In our experience, more and more local small roasters are emerging that focus more on specialty coffee. That is, more quality, less quantity and extra love (time).

Of course, this is all subjective on our part. For better illustration, we always answer practical questions:

  • How does the competition's coffee taste?
  • What do the customer reviews say?
  • What price range do we want to serve?
  • What story do we have that we want to tell and share?
  • Who are we?
  • Why should you buy our product?
  • How do we differentiate ourselves from the competition?
  • etc.

These questions can vary over time and differ by brand and company. They are designed to help the private brand enhance the customer experience.

A strong own brand

Customers associate brand names with certain values. These in turn are associated with expectations and experience values. The better known a brand is, the higher the expectations (usually with exceptions) and the experience values.

The latter can be negative or positive. If the private label is still relatively young, it is more likely that the brand image will be more flexible. In any case, we recommend that you use your Develop coffee into a brand and give it a brand personality.

The more authentic, the higher the trust level. Here, too, the basis should be the personality of the founder/entrepreneur. After all, this person will ultimately be the contact person for the customers of the private label at the beginning.

Branding for the private label

Branding for the private label

The Reeham Coffee Service

For the development phase of your own coffee brand, Reeham Coffee is at your side as a competent partner in the composition and roasting of your coffee beans. We support you in the implementation of the right coffee package.

In the foreground is your individuality, which will emphasize the private label and you thus have a solid entry into the coffee market. Depending on your requirements, coffee beans can be imported accordingly for the right recipe by Reeham.

We see ourselves in each of your phases as a competent and long-term roasting partner. We roast according to agreement and deliver the desired quantities. There are flexible purchase quantities. No monthly minimum.

At the compliant implementation of your coffee bags (labeling obligation) we can also help.

Design coffee bags for private label

Design coffee bags for private label

All-round carefree service package

Our coffee bean service includes roasting and additional services. We aim at conformity and development, which should simplify the entry into the coffee market. We pay attention to both legal and design aspects.

Authenticity plays an important role in our work, which we like to emphasize to our partners. Because we can only grow strongly together. We are B2B partner for the wholesale, the food retailer and of course the gastronomy. But we can also serve business customers who want to offer their employees a high-quality coffee in their premises with individual offers.

This includes, among other things, coffee machines at discounted special conditions. A regular delivery can currently be made throughout Germany within a few days. Especially Berlin customers we can serve especially.

The partnership can be completely unbranded. There are no obligations regarding brand names. A so-called Private labeling Agreement may apply here.

Become a Private Label Partner

We roast for you the right coffee for your café and your store. Come by for coffee or contact us. Flexible purchase quantities in premium quality.

Reeham Coffee or private label

Thanks to our Reeham Service, interested major customers can implement their projects with a competent partner. For many, the only thing standing in the way of the private label is the right decision. Roasting to order is carried out, controlled and packaged by the professional roasting master.

Write us on below and agree to learn everything about coffee. Tell us where or how you want to start your own coffee variety and what questions you still have.

You are welcome to join in advance a of our premium coffee beans try. Save 15% with the code "thank you“.

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