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Made in our own roastery Premium Coffee


Authentic and original Taste

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We are pleased to present our exclusive selection of premium specialty coffees from Reeham Roastery International, a family business rooted in the art of coffee roasting since 1980. Our journey into the world of gastronomy began even earlier, in 1850, in the culinary heart of Italy. 

Immerse yourself in Reeham's rich heritage, where every cup tells a story of unparalleled craftsmanship and culinary expertise.

Les saveurs du café sont
tout simplement, la nourriture
de mon âme.

Maher Magri

Founder Reeham Coffee

Specialties coffee from traditional family coffee roastery

Welcome to our webshop. Here you can easily order high-quality coffee of our brand online. You can expect specialty coffee beans from traditional roasting with many years of experience. 

The gastronomic history of the Magri family dates back to 1920.

The high quality from sustainable cultivation without concerns extends across the entire range. 

For you it means to have a carefree pleasure, no matter when and no matter where.