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Good Coffee Is
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Made in our own roastery Premium Coffee


Authentic and original Taste

Reeham Values


Our true vision of success is to create a product that goes beyond the senses to make you feel good.

Les saveurs du café sont
tout simplement, la nourriture
de mon âme.

Maher Magri

Founder Reeham Coffee

Specialty coffee made in Berlin

We are pleased to welcome you to our online shop. Our online shop offers you high-quality coffee from our housebrands. We are a traditional family business whose coffee is roasted in Berlin since our earliest days.

Fresh coffee beans are sourced from sustainable sources under strict quality management. The entire process, from coffee farm to logistics, will be prototyped and optimized to ensure you enjoy your own individual coffee.

You can find the most fitting blends right here on our website for any coffee lover. No matter how and when you like your coffee, Reeham Coffee ensures you will have a great experience.

Coffee Service For Cafés

Coffee Service For Offices

Coffee Service For Cafés

Coffee Service For Offices