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Reeham Gesha Coffee

  • Premium Espresso - Excellent Coffee Level
  • from Chiriqui - Panama
  • 100% Arabica - Single Origin
  • Distinct fruity flavor with floral jasmine, bergamot and fig
  • no bitterness
  • Excellent for all types of preparation.


Base Price: 119,50 / kg

Delivery time: 7-8 days


Gesha coffee is our premium gourmet coffee. This carefully selected coffee comes from independent farmers of "La Esmeralda" farm from Chiriqui, Panama.

One serving makes a cup of coffee with fruity and floral aromas. It will strike you like a mild tea. Our frahling lovers are delighted with this variety.

Gesha coffee, also called "the queen of all coffees", is the perfect gift for coffee connoisseurs.

We promise to deliver excellent quality by using pesticide free coffee beans only.

Suitable for all types of preparation.

Taste Profile

Gesha coffee The queen of coffees

Gesha coffee beans are known for their delicate flavor and complex aroma. We roast this special variety in Berlin and prepare them with precision and care in our café classic, so you can enjoy to the fullest.


Gesha is a light roast that is perfect for mornings or afternoons. It has a delicate taste, whether as espresso, cappuccino or filter coffee - you will taste the difference.

Why Premium?

Certified farm

We purchase only the finest coffee beans from certified farmers and set high standards.

Manual roasting

Hand-on control in conjunction with a quality management approach ensures a carefree joy.

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