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Reeham Decaf

  • Premium espresso
  • Swiss Water Decaf Process
  • 100% Arabica - Single Origin
  • Distinct fruity flavor with a fruity aroma, a slight sweetness and nutty character.
  • no bitterness
  • Excellent for all types of preparation

from 12,90

Base Price: 51,60 / kg

Delivery: 1-3 days


The decaffeinated coffee beans are prepared with a traditional medium roast and come with a fruity mild aroma. Their profile has a light but pleasant acidity and is rounded off with nutty notes.

For the Reeham Decaf, we use the gentle and natural Swiss Water method for decaffeination, so that even frahling lovers can enjoy the full coffee experience despite caffeine withdrawal.

Reeham Decaf beans arrive at our Berlin roastery environmentally decaffeinated and pesitzide-free, where they are traditionally roasted and processed.

Suitable for all types of preparation.

Taste Profile

Why Premium?

Certified farm

We purchase only the finest coffee beans from certified farmers and set high standards.

Manual roasting

Hand-on control in conjunction with a quality management approach ensures a carefree joy.

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