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You would like to stay in REEHAM invest? 

Invest in the timeless success story of the RƎƎHAM brand and discover a rich history and promising future.


Dear investors,


Welcome to RƎƎHAM, a unique opportunity to invest not just in a brand, but in a timeless success story of the RƎƎHAM brand and hospitality history. We invite you to become part of a story that has existed for over 100 years and is now looking to reach new heights internationally.


RƎƎHAM: Traditional quality, modern expansion - with a view to world markets and the pursuit of global leadership


RƎƎHAM is more than a brand - it is a living history that began in the culinary heart of Italy in 1850. The Magri family, with an impressive gastronomic tradition from "Molino Magri" to "Pasticceria Magri" to "Café Bar Magri Catania" and the renowned patissier "Alberto Magri", has enchanted generations of gourmets.


In 1980, the passion for coffee was woven into RƎƎHAM's history with the opening of "Café Magri" in Tunisia. The art of coffee roasting was refined in Paris, the world capital of gastronomy, and today RƎƎHAM opens the doors to a journey through the culinary milestones of the past.


Investment opportunities:

* Private investor:

  Become part of a history that has shaped culinary delights for generations. As a private investor, you can support the international expansion of RƎƎHAM.

* Strategic investor:

  Contribute not only capital, but also expertise to jointly spread the story of RƎƎHAM internationally and shape the world of gastronomy.

* Private equity:

  Invest in a unique journey through time and integrate RƎƎHAM into your private equity portfolio. Not only experience the past, but also shape the future of this extraordinary brand.


With an expected return of between 5 and 10%, we offer a unique opportunity in a market segment based on sustainable growth.


Why invest in the time travel of RƎƎHAM:

* Over 100 years of gastronomic tradition and coffee art.

* International expansion and the vision of shaping the world of hospitality.

* Unique positioning as a timeless heritage in the culinary world.


Invest not just in a brand, but in a vivid journey through time of the RƎƎHAM success story. Discover a rich history and a promising future. Contact us to become part of this unique adventure.



Sincerely yours,

The RƎƎHAM team







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