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Private Label Plus Package

As part of our B2B store, the Private Label Plus package includes the production and packaging of roasted coffee beans according to the customer's desired configuration.

Unlike the Private Label Basic package, here the ready-to-sell bag can be fully customized with the brand's design. This means that the design is not limited to the area of the attached label, but is fully applied to the bag with the help of an all-round print.

This leads to better visual recognition of the brand.

Die gelieferten Beutel für das Private Label Plus Paket können entweder mit oder ohne Aromaventil bestellt werden. Die Produkte werden entsprechend auch in unserem Shop deklariert – „mit Ventil“ bzw „ohne Ventil“.

The choice is also reflected on the prices.

Kraft paper with inner plastic coating

High quality bags made of kraft paper are available for you. They are so called stand-up pouches. They have a plastic coating inside so that the contents are protected from moisture.

Aroma valve

Mit Hilfe des Aromaventils können die frisch gerösteten Kaffeebohnen ruhen und ihr Aroma behalten ohne das es dabei zu einem Aromastau kommt. Die Bohnen können also „atmen“ und entwickeln keinen fremdartigen Geruch.

An aroma valve is particularly suitable for aromatic coffees or varieties with added CBD oil. They keep the coffee at the desired quality level for longer.

Full color bag

The bag color is not limited to white, black or natural. Rather, we can have the bag printed completely customized according to the given design.

Formats and sizes

The sizes that can be ordered are limited to the following formats:

 W x H x D
250g bag160 x 225 x 80 mm
500g bag160 x 225 x 80 mm
1000g bag180 x 250 x 90 mm