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Especially for business customers we have created a B2B portal, where special additional options and conditions are applied. Our B2B store helps you get your own coffee or even build your own coffee brand.

The service includes roasting and delivery of coffee beans as well as packaging and delivery in individualized bags (private label).


All customers with a business background can register. This includes mostly retailers, wholesalers, producers and restaurateurs, but also offices and agencies.

In general, our B2B portal should be made interesting for brands taking the first step into the coffee business.

No special documents are requested for the registration itself. However, we reserve the right to refuse certain registrations.

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As a logged-in B2B customer, you will be shown dynamically adjusted B2B prices in our store. This also includes product-related conditions such as minimum order quantities.

In addition, further products for the B2B business will be visible to you in the store. These can be ordered with additional options.

The ordering process remains as usual.