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Reeham Sudan Rume

  • Premium Espresso - Excellent Coffee Level
  • from Bogota - Colombia
  • 100% Arabica - Single Origin
  • Pronounced fruity flavor with floral jasmine, peach and caramel
  • no bitterness
  • Excellent for all types of preparation.


Base Price: 119,50 / kg


Sudan Rume coffee beans originally thrive in the desert of Sudanese origin and are nowadays cultivated in Colombia, among other places. With its strong and intense character, this variety literally shows its chocolaty side. It belongs to the rare varieties and comes with the Exellenz class in the coffee ranking.

We promise to deliver excellent quality by using pesticide free coffee beans only.

Suitable for all types of preparation.

Taste Profile

Why Premium?

Certified farm

We purchase only the finest coffee beans from certified farmers and set high standards.

Manual roasting

Hand-on control in conjunction with a quality management approach ensures a carefree joy.

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